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disperse dyes
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disperse dyes


These ranges of Disperse dyes manufactured and marketed by “PT.SINAR SYNO KIMIA”. These Dyes are suitable for application on polyester in various forms and polyester component in the blends. They are available in micro-dispersed form and are easily dispersible in water and can be mixed with one another for producing wide range of shades. They possess excellent dispersion and build-up properties and also have good stability in dyeing and also printing paste.


Polyester and polyester blends should be scoured in order to remove impurities before dying by Disperse Dyes. After scouring material should be rinsed well in warm water containing  part of acetic acid (30%) per 1000 parts and then in plain water. When polyester fibers are to be scoured and dyed in package or fabrics form, it is advantageous to scour at 100 C


Taking required quantity of dyestuff into ten times its volume of soft water, at a 45-50 C temperature with continuous stirring. Sequestering agent could be used if soft water is not available.



Set dye bath with:

Dyestuff =X g/l

Anionic dispersing agent=0.5 g/l

 Suitable Carrier= 2-5  g/l

Levelling agent=2-4 g/l

Acetic acid: add the amount of acid until PH range 4.5-5.5 reached.

 Set the dye-bath at 60“C with dispersing agent and acetic acid at pH 4.5 to 5.5 and work the material for 10 to 15 minutes. Add emulsified carrier and treat the material for 10 minutes. Add dyestuff and treat the material for 15 minutes at 60-C and raise to 120 C to 106 C within 50 to 60 minutes and dye at this temperature for 60 to 100 minutes depending upon the shade. The material is rinsed and reduction cleared. The pH value of the dye bath should be maintained between 4.5 5.5 during the entire dyeing process.


Set dye bath with

Disperse Dyestuff=X g/l

Dispersing agent=0.3-0.5 g/l

Levelling agent=0.5-1.0 g/l

pH adjusted to 4.5 to 6 with acetic acid.

Set the dye-bath at 60-degree C with dispersing agent and treat the material for 10 minutes. Add Dyestuff and the temperature is raised uniformly to 130“C. in 30 minutes. The dyeing is carried out at this temperature for a period of 15-45 minutes. On completion of dyeing, the dyebath is cooled to 85°C and drained at this Temperature for a period of 15-30 minutes. On completion of dyeing, the dyebath is cooled to 85″C and drained at this temperature. The material is rinsed and reduction cleared.


 Dyestuff=X g/l

Sodium Alginate=2 g/l

Ammonium Sulphate =1.0  g/l

Suitable Dispersing agent= 5-10 g/l

Citric Acid=0.5 g/l Adjust pH=5.0

 Well prepared fabric is padded two-dips two-nips at room temperature using 50-60% expression through the pad liquor. The padded fabric is dried to residual moisture of 30%. Then the fabric passes to hot flue or float drier where it is completely dried. After that It is thermofixed at 190°C-210°C for 30-60 secon