Various kind of Printing Chemicals with their Function:



Water based Binder

BIN-06 is a Printing Chemicals that kind of Styrene Acrylic Resin with high cross-linking ability and stable character, suited for printing with water based pigment and chemicals.



Thickener Thick-56 is an acrylic copolymer synthetic thickener chemicals with excellent thickening ability for used in pigment printing paste on cotton fabric and other synthetic fabrics gave a sticky paste with water, which imparts stickiness and plasticity to the printing paste. These thickeners facilitate to preserve the design outlines without spreading even under high pressure. This printing chemicals (APEO, NPEO ,Phthalates, heavy metal , AZO free)


Cross-Linking Agent (Fixer)

Fix-AM is a melamine formaldehyde based resin whose addition to a pigment printing paste enhances its fastness properties improve especially scrub fastness and wet Rubbing fastness. Nonionic Colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid chemicals.



Sinsoft-T is a translucent white paste which is specially designed to improve the feel of fabric by giving softness and smoothness to the prints.


Deformer Agent

Silicone-containing deformer for aqueous pigment concentrates for use in coatings, printing inks and overprint varnishes. Prevents foam during grinding. Long-term and shear stability. Particularly suitable for resin-free grinds.


Anti-Tacky agent

Self-emulsifying, surfactant agent. In rubber molding lubricants, it acts as an anti-tack agent.


Anti-Sticky Agent

It is based on silicones and has been formulated as a highly effective, general purpose release agent for all thermoplastics and many types of rubber. Useful as an anti-stick agent chemicals in the textiles printing , foam Converting printing.


Fireproof Agent

A durable halogen and formaldehyde free flame retardant finishing chemical for Polyester fabrics by back coating


Anti-Blocking Agent

Transparent liquid anti Block Agent on water based rubber paste printing. The effect of anti-Block Agent is high elasticity, very soft, not back stick, good coverage; pressure can be folded in half a long time.


Anti-migration Paste

Preventing migration in printing fibrous material using a block copolymer of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. It is suitable to use with pigment paste.


Water based Rubber Paste

It is Acrylic Resin White rubber paste for textile screen printing, matt, non-sticky, excellent soft hand feeling, coverage, washing fastness and color value, meets ISO6330, OEKO-TEX requirements.


Water based Rubber Clear Paste

Widely used in textile screen printing, such as T shirt or cloth fabrics. The handling soft and the fastness of fabric surface glue is excellent. It passed ISO6330 shrinkage test as well the Eco-passport environmental standards and certification.


Elastic White Rubber Paste

Acrylic based Elastic white rubber for textile screen printing, non-sticky, excellent soft hand feeling, , washing fastness and color value. Ready-to-use white printing paste, characterized by a high degree of whiteness, excellent covering power but above all very high elasticity performance with zero tacking, which allows to obtain prints that, after traction, do not show cracks. Ideal for printing on elastic and dyed synthetic fabrics, such as Lycra, stretch jersey, etc. The product has printability very similar to that of plastisol inks, while ensuring excellent general fastness. Formaldehyde free.


Elastic White Rubber Clear Paste

Elastic clear rubber paste for textile screen printing, transparent, non-sticky, excellent soft handfeel, washing fastness and color value, meets ISO6330, OEKO-TEX requirements.


Cracking Paste

Ready-to-use cracking printing paste, totally formaldehyde-free, designed to obtain extremely bright and glossy “cracking” effect prints on stretch fabrics, such as jersey or knitwear. The base fabric must have even a minimum degree of elasticity to allow a good result of the effect. The product gives the print a glossy, compact finish with an extremely dry hand, a fundamental requirement for the required effect. The prints obtained have good fastness both to dry / wet rubbing and to washing.


Foil Paste

Foil paste is an adhesive use for heat transfer the hot stamping foil to fabric. It melted on heat and bonds the foil with fabric when cool down. It can be used screen printed, block printed or painted on to fabrics.


Fire Proof rubber paste

This is high grade elastic paste which as the main body of Acrylate copolymer emulsion. It’s suitable for printing on fire-resistant cotton T/C fabric, knitted fabric and tatting fabric to print with white and colors Machine printing. It would be applied to manually printing and flat automatic machine printing.


Discharge agent

Printing paste for discharge textile printing that allow to drastically reduce the quantity of extractable formaldehyde on the product, compared to the traditional discharge printing system with decroline. It is recommended for the printing of cellulosic fibers (shuttle and knit) dyed with dischargeable dyes in screen printing as the products printed with it do not require steaming and subsequent washing. The product is to be used as a base and can be overprinted with both water-based and plastisol colors, in the printed area the final hand will be extremely soft. Wet-on-wet printable


Puff Paste

Water based Puff printing ink for textile screen Printing that create 3D effect Garment printing. Recommended as application surface of rubber paste with light of manual screen printing.

Glitter paste-FG

Glitter Paste

Acrylic Resin based Glitter paste for textile screen printing, excellent high gloss and transparent surface, without affecting the Brightness of the glitter, meets ISO6330, OEKO-TEX requirements.



Auxiliary with high wetting action, suitable for double-sided prints and where a strong penetration of the printing paste into the fabric is desired. It is often used in conjunction with the EMULSIFIER.


Dispersing Agent

Dispersing additive for pastes and / or dispersions based on titanium dioxide, even in high concentrations. It avoids the gelling of the finished product, stabilizing the viscosity over time and avoiding the formation of lumps, allowing, even during the production phase, to add up to 50% of titanium dioxide.



Glitter is generally PET with size of 1/8″ to 1/256″. It is cut into square and hexagon shape. A typical glitter power substance is heat resistant to 170 degree Celsius and is acid and alkaline proof.


Water Based Table Glue

TA-57-B is water Based Table Glue is derivatives by Acrylic macromolecule copolymer which are white liquid paste. It is direct coating on the table for textile printing preparation, then is able to operate after dry or air-dried


Photo Emulsion

Diazo type H-885 water resistant emulsion is for discharge and Water-based textile printing systems. It has good levelling property, coating ability on mesh screen. It has good storage stability.


Photo Emulsion

SBQ emulsion is easy to operate, no need to add diazo and use directly after antifoaming . The remaning emulsion after coating can be recycled back to the can and use repeatedly. It has strong save stability and has two years shelf life under normal temperature. It has high sensitivity and short exposure time (1/3-1/4 of diazo type emulsion. It has remarkable water resistance and high printing plate rate. It has high resolution and good performance of picture mainly applied to normal garment printing, water-based ink and space pattern’s slurry printing and especially fit for plastisol ink printing


Hardener ( A+B)

Hardener A&B is designed to chemically extend the water base and discharge ink resistance of direct Emulsions and Capillary Film. Mix Part A and Part B components at a 1:1 ratio. Do not add water. Mix what you need on a weekly basis. Apply Hardener A&B to the screen using a sponge, soft cloth, or a spray bottle. Completely dry screen after hardener is applied.

Printing Chemicals