Paper Color Chemical

Sinarpaper dyes are used to color of paper which are having a good light fastness and exhibit a good stability for acids, alkalis and other chemicals. They are easily absorbrd into pulp at room temperature because the affinity of dyestuffs on cellulosic fibers is high. These dyes can be applied by Dip dyeing method as well as beater dyeing method. These dyes are characterized by


– Yellow R.

– Red P

– Yellow PG

– Red P2G

– Yellow P2G

– Red 2BN

– Yellow P

– Pink P

– Yellow CHR

– Pink B Conc

– Yellow CB


– Yellow S Liquid

– Yellow 3GN Liquid

– Orange P6R Liquid

– Orange WS Liquid

– Red 2G Liquid

– Red 2B Liquid

-Turquoise R Liquid

– Blue P2RL Liquid

– Blue 2R Liquid

– Black L Liquid

– Pink 2B


– Orange POR

– Violet 2B

– Brown CB

– Violet HP

– Brown ESK

– Violet R

– Brown CKM

– Brown L2R

– Turquoise R

– Turquoise P

– Sky Blue P5B


– Blue P2R

-Brown ITG

– Brown PRS

– Brown MSN

– Blue P3B

– Brown PRW

– Blue HP

– Scarlet RS Cons

-Green PY

– Scarlet P

-Black L

Wet Strength Agent for Paper Color

Sinarbond WS : PAAE base wet strength agent well suited to neutral and alkaline papermaking, used in manufacturing tissue paper, label paper, security paper and paper board.

Sinarbond WS-LA: Wet Strength agent that complies with the demands on food contact material, used in manufacturing tissue paper, MG paper and boards for food packaging.

Dry Strength Agent for Color

Sinarbond DS series: High performance amphoteric PAM strength agent for paper, which deliver maximum performance and stability in combination of color with promoter Sinarbond DS. P series. Suitable for increasing paper tensile, bursting, internal bonding, concora and ring-crush.

Paper Color

Dispersant of Color on Paper

Sinarperse series: Acrylic acid dispersant used in the dispersion of inorganic pigments such as calcium carbonate, clay, titanium dioxide, aluminum tri-hydrate, zinc-oxide, etc. and markedly lowers the viscosity of the slurry.