Chemicals wholesaler

Chemicals Wholesaler in Dhaka Bangladesh

Textile Chemicals Importer-Indenter and Wholesaler

Lucent Color Effect Ltd is a all kinds of Textile Chemicals Importer and Wholesaler in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The chemicals are used in different Dyeing and Printing sections of Textile Industries in Bangladesh. The sections are

  1. Cotton Yarn or Fabrics Dyeing
  2. Polyester Dyeing
  3. All over Screen Printing
  4. Garments or Chest Printing.

Name of the Chemicals that are used in Dyeing and Printing:

Hydrogen Per oxide, Custic Soda, Soda ash, Gluber Salt, Detergent, Wetting Agent, Anti-Creasing agent, Peroxide Stabilizar, Peroxide Killer, Antifoaming, Acetic Acid, Biopolishing Enzyme, Desizing Enzyme, Cotton levelling, Polyester Levelling, Fixing agent, Soaping or Washing off agent, Cationic Softener, None-Ionic Softener, Hydrophobic Silicon, Hydrophillic Silicon Softener,

Binder, Thickener, Oxal, Fixer, Nylon Fixer, Rubber White Paste, Rubber White Clear, Puff past, Foil paste, Glitter Binder, Anti Blocking, Emulsifier, Nylon Rubber White paste, Nylon White Paste Clear, Discharge white paste, Discharge White paste Clear, Discharge powder, Anti-migration Paste, Jelly Paste, Creacking Paste, Above the all chemicals are wholesaler of this company.

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